Alumni Game HUGE Success




You knew it was going to be a bitter battle when the Blue Team flew in Probable 2013 Alumni Gabe Flood all the way from Montana, and the fans were not disappointed.  Tensions started before the game as the Bronston Brothers were immediatley reprimanded for wearing “GOPHER” appear to the rink.   28 skaters took to the ice. The game started out 0-0.  The Gray would draw first blood as Jordan Lounsbrough would bury a one-timer 3′ from the Blue net, like he had done so many times in High School.  Assists were awarded to Joe Bakkestuen, Alex Bronston, Kent Manglitz and Kyle Thompson.  Gray would take a quick 4-0 lead.  It looked like a route, but then it got physical when Alumni rookie Avery Waldera tried to take on Jerry Rank (Av’s lost).  Mark Aschenbrenner noted the officiating was non-existent.  Blue would get on the board on a nice Scarseth to Scarseth to Chown, off Flood, rebound by Genz and tap in goal by Milner.  Upon further review the goal was pronounced good!  Mark Wittchow had a shut out going, until he was scored on.  David Dreager showed some real speed in the 2nd, all he needed was the puck.  Goalie Mickey Uss (wow….. a 97!) stood on his head the whole 2nd half.  Current OHS Coach Tim Ebner was asked to comment on this years talent.  Per Ebner:  “Jordan Guth definately stood above the others, followed by Drake Meyer”.  The final score was in dispute at the end, seems the clock score was not working.  Highly suspicious.   Penalties were announced at the end of the game, the list is too long to publish.  As current OHS players were leaving the rink, the were heard saying:  “It’s hard to believe that in a few short years, we too could be playing like that”.    CONGRATS TO ALL AND THANKS TO BRIAN FOR SETTING IT ALL UP AGAIN THIS YEAR.

GRAY:  #2 Drake Meyer(05); #3 Jerry Rank(08); #11 Joe Sampson(06); #19 Jordan Tredinnick(09); #7 Mark Aschenbrenner(05); #10 Jordan Guth(09); #20 Jordan Bronston(05); #8 B.J. Bronston(03); #12 Brent Johnson(89); #13 Kent Manglitz(89); #9 Joe Bakkestuen(87); #5 Chris “Sniper” Dirks(90); #4 Jordan Lounsbrough(08); #17 Alec Bronston(08); Goalie Mark Wittchow(09)

BLUE: #5 Dave Draeger(06); #9 Avery Waldera(11); #11 Sam Milner(00); #12 Brian Morris(97); #13 Bob Scarseth(97); #17 Kevin Scarseth(01); #18 Josh Dirks(96) Major OHS record holder!; #7 Ringer Gabe Flood(13??); #10 Brandon Chown(06); #02 Randy GORDO Burkhardt(11); #20 Kyle Thompson(06); #14 Josh Genz(99) Goalie Mickey Uss.

As always I’ll be glad to give anyone a copy of the above photo for free, unless you scored, then they are $19.95!

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